Founded upon the morals of being different and promoting the 1% of the 1% of talented individuals in their field. In other words, being the best possible talented person you can be. Originated in Glendale Arizona in 2012 under the leadership of Amir Harris. Starting with the 1990s (Beach Brand) style of flavor, and evolving into the storytelling "Be Better Brand" it has become. HGU's mission is to tell relevant stories through clothing as well as push the boundaries of technology, entertainment, and fashion all at once.   Vintage Fashion and Modern Standards have created the New HGU Apparel.  




"Be Better, Be the Best." The phrase held dear. This represents the "going against the grain mentality." HGU represents the promises made to the individual.  NOT, the People that support the similarities in designing clothing. We are NOT afraid of change. 

Step One: Pick Your Talent

Step Two: Work Hard In It

Step Three: Self Promote

Step Four: Promote Self Media

Step Five: Contact Us