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5 Tips For Branding

Most people think that starting a business is easy and straight forward. If you own a business, you know this is not true. It is a struggle to perfect your product or service for the customer. Branding is the bridge between how the owner of the business sees his/her product, vs how the audience sees the product.

And for this, we have created the 10 Tips for Branding.

1 Perfecting your Product

No one else should be as much of a perfectionist as you when it comes to your product. If you are providing anything less than a perfect product to your audience, then its hard for you to defend the brand or even keep positive branding. That product represents the brand where ever it goes, and you can easily loose customer over it. Making sure the product is perfect in your hands first is the highest priority.

2 Colors & Logos

Whatever ideas you have flouting around your head, have to be organized throughout the theme of your brand. Also know, no one gets these two (Colors & Logo) right the first time. Brand re-imagine or refresh branding every few years to provide a new edginess. Smaller brands will ultimately change up more then a few. Picking three main colors like white, grey, and black shouldn't be your first pick. Textures and patterns in the brand also contribute a lot. Also make sure that on everything your create, your business's signature is on its work.

3 Customers & Audience

The purpose of all this branding is to make sure the audience knows whats going on. Banners, posters, hand-outs, and marking material are all tools for one to present their message. The audience won't take the time to research a new brand the first time they encounter it, which mean you have to make all your information digestible and stay with the customer. This is one of the reasons business give away free merchandise, because in their free time the customer might do that research and gain interest.

4 Budgeting Content

Small business most of the time are always working on a budget. This means the funds to create content or marketing when sales are low, can be difficult. The odds are that there is a content creator getting started that needs a project to gain experience. Reaching out in your community for help is always a first resort when needing help. This way your budget doesn't get out of control when in development.

5 The Big Picture

Hopefully you are creating this business as because you enjoy it. If you really enjoy it, then you should have a problem doing what you love for a while. All these little branding projects over time do create a landscape of what your brand means. Which can be negative if you have no sense of organization. Ten years from now, you want to look back and think positively on the first projects that paved the way. Plan every project with that 10 year mindset. You won't ever look back or have a regret.

- HGU Stylist April 30, 2018

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