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Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Through out the 2018 year, HGU Apparel has been finding new ways to communicate and reach out with their audience. The month of April has been vital to the marketing development of the company.

"Our customers come to us to connect, because they see a part of themselves in the brand. The HGU attitude is being the best. If you've ever wanted to be the best at anything ever, this is the brand for you.

Much of what makes this brand so special is the story of how it came about and the people that have made it sense then. People always want to be apart of a story and that the human part in all of us. I created the brand for the sole purpose of creative people working together towards a goal".

- Amir A. Harris

Connection to the customer is very important to the companies mission statement. This make it a priority to connect with the brand Instagram audience before video marketing started. By connecting with customers on the "Instagram Stores", the brand is able to gain feedback on what needs more attention.

HGU Stylist April 29, 2018

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