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Pop Up Shop, Maybe

HGU Apparel has teased the idea that Pop Up Shop is in the mix for this 2018 year.

"One of our biggest goal is to have a location for our customers to enjoy the HGU experience. The can only get so much HGU from our website and social medias. But nothing beats the in person transaction with customers". - Amir Harris

In the past HGU Apparel has taken its sweet time to make themselves accessible on other platforms. Although the company launched in 2012, more of the regular platforms like a website wasn't opened till 2014. The founder says, "We don't want to release something that isn't perfect". The business has done the same with their Instagram and twitter, only releasing them when it was necessary.

HGU has shown that they are okay with taking their time to release product, collaborations and media. During the HGU 2018 kick off meeting, Mr. Harris announced the plan for a Pop-Up Show debuting in mid may. Things are always liable to change but keep your eyes open.

- HGU Stylist April 30,2018

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