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HGU Viral Video 2018

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Since 2014 HGU Apparel has released two videos every year to connect with their audience, show off new merchandise, and showing the team having fun in the process. This year, the CEO and Creative Director Amir Harris decided to create a perspective of lifestyle brand.


Mr. Harris decided to execute a viral video strategy that would connect more with the audience as well as a bit of humor."The brand has always been clean cut but exciting, we wanted a change that our customers would enjoy. By sharing the stories our audience has with our apparel will allow other to gain a sense of what the brand means".


  1. Organize Story Elements

  2. Provide the Vision

  3. Writing the Script

  4. Location Scouting

  5. Supportive Actors

  6. Gaining Feedback

The Video reached 42K views in the first week through Facebook and Instagram. Mr. Harris plans on releasing more short stories such as this one, to connect more with the audience of the brand.

- HGU Stylist April 29, 2018

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