HGU is an apparel company that promotes diversity, individuality, and creativity. We promote individuals achieving their goals as well as giving them the tools needed to succeed. Our statement of individuality has inspired us to create products for individuals pushing creativity to its limits, creating products that disrupt existing trends. We sell clothing products to primarily 16-23 year old high school and college students who want to represent their individuality in their appearance. Unlike HUF, NEFF, Vans, and Nike, we provide a product and customer experience that inspires to bring dreams to reality. Under HGU Apparel’s umbrella, we work on different products that impact different talent groups. Our product we are currently developing further is PRO-C (Performance Carbon Fiber). PRO-C is a carbon fiber skate board deck that stands up to the damage and wear that normal skate decks cannot handle. 


Normal seven layer wooden skate decks are not designed to last a lifetime for any pro or advanced skater. The average skater breaks a skate deck once a month by either practicing skate tricks or using it as transportation. This creates a pain for parents and students who spend money multiple times to replace deck after deck, skaters not getting full use out of their decks, and pro-skaters wanting a deck that pushes them to their limits. PRO-C provides an experience with the user that has never been professionally taken into the industry to evolve skateboarding.


Skateboarding has been the same since its origins in 1959. Four wheels on a wooden deck, held together by steel trucks. The skateboard has made small developments over the years to the shape, style, and performance, but nothing that really changed the market. Skateboarding is a sport and art form that is developed over lots of practice. Although the tricks have become more extreme through the years, the main tool to complete them has not. It's still four wheels under a wooden deck. Industry efforts have been made to develops the skate deck, but none have been popular enough to create a change.